Enocean Bewegungsmelder Spar-Set

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The EnOcean presence detector is ideally suited for building automation.
For example:
✔ for controlling lighting
✔ for alarm functions
✔ for presence function

Ideal in combination with the COMEXIO EnOcean Unit.

Technical data:

  • Transmission frequency/radio protocol: 868.3MHz/EnOcean
  • Power supply from 50-200 Lux: 2x1.5V (AAA)
  • Ambient temperature: +10°C
  • Protection class/approvals: IP50/CE
  • Coverage area:
    Room height 2.5 m → Ø 5.0m
    Room height 3,0 m → Ø 6,0m
  • Housing dimensions: 108x108x26.8mm

  • Scope of delivery:

    3 x EnOcean presence detector (ZC017-2)

    You save19,62%

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